It all started with a salesman thinking about those who lost their lives by an act of "Radical Islamic Terrorism" at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and Shanksville Pennsylvania on 9-11-01.  He thought about his time in the Military and his brother who had served.  How could this happen?  We have the best Military and intelligence operation in the world, he thought.  It was clear the intelligence operation was lacking and life would never be the same!  Patriots and the Military Community were shocked by the lack of the government's readiness!

  He made it his mission to create a worldwide PATRIOTIC radio network with programs devoted to Patriots and to the men and women in the Military Community.  

  Thus the G I Radio Network and Military Talks the radio show was established. G I would have two meanings: Government Issue, the term for an enlisted man or veteran who has served, and G I for Global Investigation for investigative reporting.

  He developed a one hour program and set out to get it on the air.  He forced his way into an on-air position at a radio station in Denver by telling them he would call in via their 1-800 line and give them the show live.  They agreed.

  Over the years he has been on the air at different radio stations as an in-studio host of Military Talks with a mission to Inform, Educate and Entertain Patriots and the Military Community.  The shows were simulcast via audio and video over the Internet.

  The word spread and soon local, state and federal politicians, entertainers, activists, Military Medal of Honor recipients and just about anyone with a cause to came to the mic at the station or to call in.  Click on the "Green Button" below and be amazed.

  Now, we ask your help to establish the USA Patriot's News Network to create  varying audio & visual programming in various medias and platforms around the world 24-7-365.  The programming will range from talk shows to music, Pledge of Allegiance to America's National Anthem.


  During the overnight broadcast, we are planning a show called

"Overnight Patriot" for night owls. God Bless America!